Gluten Free Recipes

Country Potato Recipe From Our Cape Cod B&B

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One of my favorite parts about running our Cape Cod B&B is creating great gluten free menus that everyone can enjoy. A frequent crowd pleaser is a savory dish of Country Potatoes with Poached Eggs. It’s a simple and hearty meal that provides lots of energy for Cape Cod adventures. It’s very easy to make for your g-free friends and family at home. If you are tired of policing restaurant food, give yourself the gift of a few days without that stress — we will do it for you. And remember to read the reviews of our Inn on travel websites. So many of our guests mention how good the food is, we must be doing something right. Country Potatoes Ingredients: • 4 medium...

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Gluten Free Bed & Breakfast: Orange Spiced Pancakes

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Anyone who needs a gluten free diet knows how difficult it is to have a pleasurable meal away from home. When every new restaurant requires an interrogation on cross contamination practices, what’s supposed to be fun can be a bit of a drag. But at the Belvedere Inn, we get it. Because we’re gluten free too.   The Belvedere Inn is gluten free everyday and for all guests. So give yourself the gift of a few days without policing sauces and bread crumbs — we’ve already done that for you.     The picture of our Orange Spice Pancakes will reassure your travel mates that the food we prepare is tasty for everyone. And of course, you can always...

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