Square Foot Fun At The Belvedere

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Today, I’m thinking about boxes. Not the little boxes that define what’s in and what’s out now. Fashion?  I can’t run an inn wearing stilettos. Trendy pet? Oops! I have a rabbit.

But there is a box that I fit into very comfortably: The “Have you ever quit a cushy job in the city and taken your husband and rabbit to Cape Cod to open a bed and breakfast?”  Check! That’s me!

Our first Square Foot Garden

Matt tending to the sugar snap peas in our first Square Foot Garden

My Favorite Box

But the box I’m dreaming about on this cold New England day is the organic Square Foot Garden box. A few years ago when I told Matt, my future husband, that I wanted to start a garden, he borrowed a few introductory gardening books from our local library. One of those books was the first edition of Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening.

That book is now my gardening bible. We designed our garden using the Square Foot Gardening method. It was beautiful, easy to maintain, and produced tasty organic food at the fraction of super market prices. It was such a special place to us that three years later Matt proposed to me next to squares of sugar snap peas.  That spring, we planted flowers instead of vegetables and held our wedding there too.

Our Future Box

Now that we have a new home and an Inn, it’s time to build another square foot garden. It is our hope that this new garden will produce more beautiful memories, as well as food for us and for our wonderful guests. (And Kanga the rabbit, too!)

We’re busy taking measurements, making plant lists, and planning breakfast menus around the harvests. We even hope to add garden fresh lunches for our guests next season (more on that to come!).

We’ve started two albums on our Facebook page, one of our first garden and the other of our new garden. We’ll add pictures of the new garden as it grows. The album is a little sparse now, but let’s be fair: it’s the dead of winter and what non-existent garden looks good when it’s nine degrees below zero?

Check the Box

So follow us on Facebook to see updates as we build and plant this spring.  And if you like what you see, check the like box!


All the best,

Sarah Fitzsimmons

Belvedere Inn Head Inn Keeper


  1. …and we can’t wait to see your first harvest

    • I hope we’ll have some good stuff for you when you come, it’ll be early! Definitely some fresh herbs and maybe even an early peas. Yum…

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